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Initial Reading Assignments for 2017

Categories: Chronological Plan,Cover-to-Cover Plan,Old/New Testament Plan

Below are the weekly questions for the first week of the 2017 reading challenge. To continue receiving them in your inbox, visit to sign up!

  1. What is Paul’s eager desire and hope?
  2. According to Chambers, how should we respond to God’s guidance, and how should we respond to doubt?
  3. What does “fruit bearing” indicate in a person’s life?

Book Cover: Pilgrim’s Progress in Today’s EnglishThe book assignment for January is Pilgrim’s Progress in Today’s English, by John Bunyan, retold by James H. Thomas [Kindle Edition available for $6.15; a different Free Kindle Edition or iBooks Edition is also available, but the questions may not correspond directly to this text].

The challenge questions corresponding to the monthly book reading are available on the web site. Happy reading, and good luck!

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