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The Kingswood School, The Mural, and One Other Thing!

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Over my time here at Kingswood, I have had the honor and privilege of observing the staff of The Kingswood School on a daily basis.  I have watched the staff relate to the children, to the parents, and to each other. I am grateful for all they do to shape the hearts and minds of these precious children. At the start of each day, Allen Baston and I alternate opening the door for the parents and their children at the school entrance or helping the staff with carpool at the church entrance.  Nothing against anyone else, but many days, these twenty minutes are the highlight of my day.  I have enjoyed attending The Kingswood School Board meetings, and witnessing the dedication of those who serve so diligently to make the school such a great place for young children to learn.  I am grateful for the job that Dennis Lewallen does with the chapels twice each month.  Everyone associated with the school does a great job, and I am glad they let me hangout with them.  I am equally grateful that the leadership of Kingswood Church saw the need for a school, so many years ago.  Along these lines, I am especially grateful for the leadership Michelle Wicklund provides to the school as the director.  Earlier in the school year, Michelle approached the Trustees with an idea to have the carpeting in the downstairs hallways and the school classrooms replaced. She also asked to have the two restrooms near the school office renovated.  These two items have been needed for several years.  Over the Christmas break, all of the old carpeting was replaced with tile and the two restrooms were renovated.  It looks fabulous.  I wish you, the membership could have seen the faces of the staff, the children, and the parents on their first day back.  It was amazing to see the excitement on all of their faces.  Wait.  This story gets even better!  Michelle proposed to the school board that the school pay for this entire project, and the school board, under the leadership of Christina Scherrer, board chair, agreed to the proposal.  This wonderful gift totals close to $40,000 in improvements to our facility.  Thank you Michelle, Christina, and the entire school board for such a wonderful gift to the church.  On behalf of the entire church, thank you.  We are grateful!

Also, in our children’s department, there is a new mural. Just over a year ago, Amanda Hickey contracted with Christopher Philpott to paint a mural near the entrance to the Children’s department.  He painted a beautiful six section mural of creation.  This past fall, we again contracted with Chris to paint a nativity mural on the wall nearest the entrance.  This beautiful  mural was completed just prior to Christmas.

Some time in the next month or so, we plan on having coffee down in the Children’s department  prior to Sunday School so everyone can see the new mural and the new floor.  If your curiosity is great, come on down; those in the Children’s Department would love to say “Hi”.


Rev. Charles Broome

Author: Allen Baston