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May Book Assignment: Same Kind of Different as Me

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The book assignment for May is Same Kind of Different as Me, by Ron Hall and Denver Moore [Kindle Edition or iBooks Edition available for $9.99 / eBook for Olive Tree Bible App available for $9.99].

Here are the questions for this book:

1. Where in Louisiana did Denver live?
2. What was the name of the elementary school that Ron attended?
3. What were the last words spoken by Big Mama?
4. What did Ron call his grandparents?
5. What is the first line of one of Denver’s favorite spirituals?
6. What was Ron’s mother’s name?
7. Who was Denver’s partner in crime?
8. Who were the famous people in the Lincoln limousine?
9. What did Denver receive from his auntie, because she was so glad to see him?
10. What happened to Denver when he changed the girl’s flat tire?
11. How long was Ron in the Army?
12. Back when Ron and Deborah were newlyweds, what was the widely held opinion concerning Easter and Christmas?
15. How much money did Denver receive for a day’s work with the Labor Force
16. What was the name of the mission that Deborah read about in the Star-Telegram?
21. What was the name that Denver gave Ron and Deborah?
22. What fishing phrase did Denver use to ask Ron a pointed question?
27. How does Denver describe himself and how does he describe Miss Debbie
28. When Ron and Denver were at the Mexican restaurant, what was the important pronouncement that Denver said to Ron?
35. Where did Ron and Denver go to clear Denver’s name?
36. Where did Denver sleep on his trip to Colorado?
41. What were the two things that Mr. Ballentine wanted from the Drug Store?
42. What did Ron cling to like a ropeless cliber to the side of a cliff?
47. What chapter of the Bible did Ron read to Deborah on their 31st wedding anniversary?
48. In the early morning of November 2nd, what was the pronouncement that Denver made from the Lord?
55. Where did Ron, Carson and Regan go after Deborah’s memorial service?
56. What event did Mr. Shisler invite Denver to attend?
61. What did Denver do when he and Ron crossed over into Louisiana?
62. How did Highway 1 cut the cotton in half?
66. What is Bible verse that Mary Ellen said to Ron?
67. What did Ron hire Denver to be at the Murchison Estate



Author: Kingswood UMC Communications

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