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July/August Book Assignment: In His Steps

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The book assignment for July and August is In His Steps, by Charles Sheldon [Free iBooks EditionKindle Edition available for $0.99 / eBook for Olive Tree Bible App available for $1.99]

Here are the questions for this book:

  1. What is the theme of Rev. Maxwell’s sermon?
  2. What is the name of the church, Rev Maxwell is the pastor, and what town is it located?
  3. What was moving through Edward Norman like never before?
  4. Why did Mr. Norman receive numerous letters in this chapter?
  5. What did Mr. Powers discover one afternoon about four o’clock, when he inadvertently read a letter addressed to the superintendent?
  6. Where did Rachel Winslow and Virginia Page have lunch the day after the meeting at First Church?
  7. What were some of the businesses in and around the Rectangle
  8. What is the second thing Henry Maxwell believed Jesus would probably do in the Parish?
  9. In Milton Wright’s list of what would Jesus do in Wright’s place as a business man, what is number 5?
  10. What is the theme verse for chapter 10?
  11. What classes did Donald Marsh teach at Lincoln College?
  12. Who did Virginia take home with her?
  13. What affected Virginia the most powerfully concerning Rollin?
  14. Who dies at the end of this chapter?
  15. What is the theme verse for chapter 15?
  16. How much money did Virginia have to give to help those women have a better life?
  17. Of the eleven concrete things that Edward Norman wrote down that he thought that Jesus would do, what is number 8?
  18. When Rachel separates from Rollin, she enters her house and sits down in her room, what does she say to herself?
  19. To whom does Rev. Calvin Bruce, D.D. write a letter?
  20. What was the text of Rev. Maxwell’s sermon?
  21. What was Mr. Charles R. Sterling doing as he stood before an open grate fire?
  22. What kind of play did Felicia go see?
  23. What did Dr. Bruce ask the Nazareth Avenue Church to do?
  24. What happened to Mr. Sterling
  25. What was the confession that the Bishop made to Dr. Bruce?
  26. After the Bishop resigned, where was he planning on living?
  27. When the Bishop was robbed at gun point, how much money did the robbers get?
  28. The child who entered the saloon with a pail, what did he come out with?
  29. Who was Clarence Penrose?
  30. What were the words that Rachel Winslow had chosen to sing at the Settlement meeting?
  31. What is the test of Christian discipleship?
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