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October Book Assignment: Skeleton in God’s Closet

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The book assignment for October is A Skeleton in God’s Closet, by Paul L. Maier [Kindle Edition available for $7.99]

Here are the questions for this book:

  1. What is Jonathon Weber’s major work?
  2. Who were the two people Jonathon met with at the Vatican?
  3. Who met Jon at the Ben Gurion Airport and what kind of hat was he waving?
  4. What kind of people made up the contingent working at the dig at the Rama site?
  5. What is the name of Jonathon’s late wife?
  6. When Jonathon and Jennings got the last stone removed from the doorway, what did they do before Jonathon entered?
  7. What was the significance if the sarcophagus had actual bones in it?
  8. On Jon and Sharon’s trip, their conversation moves to uranium and “The Bomb.”  Who were they glad did not quite get the hang of it?
  9. What are the measurements of, “one oblong vessel – juglet or small flagon with handle?”
  10. Who made the Palestine Archaeological Museum, possible?
  11. What group’s nickname did Jon want to change to “The Fateful Five?”
  12. According to Jon, what was the biggest mistake in the Shroud of Turin affair?
  13. What kind of Jew is Gideon?
  14. Where is the Seven Arches Hotel located?
  15. At the news conference at the Diplomat Hotel convention center, how many people were there?
  16. What occurred during the reciting of the Apostles’ Creed at Jon’s father’s church?
  17. When Jon went to Washington where did he meet the nation’s fore-most scientists?
  18. According to Sandy, the burial linens contained traces of what substance?
  19. What did Jon call Noel’s compulsiveness for hand washing?
  20. When Jon told them that the Joseph Papyrus was indeed a forgery, what song did everyone begin to sing?
  21. Where did the “foursome” go to escape on weekends that pressured summer?
  22. Where did Clive drown?
  23. As the chapter begins, where are Jon and Cromwell going?
  24. Where is the University of London Institute of Archaeology located?
  25. What did Jon and Austin have to drink when Austin came up to Jon’s room after supper?
  26. Along which shore of the Dead Sea did the authorities mount a massive search effort for Jon?
  27. What was the headline in the Chicago Tribune the moment the news broke?
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