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November Book Assignment: You’ll Get Through This

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The book assignment for November is You’ll Get Through This, by Max Lucado [Kindle Edition available for $9.99]

Here are the questions for this book:

  1. According to Lucado, why did Joseph’s brothers hate him, and not speak peaceably to him?
  2. On the road to Egypt what had Joseph been stripped of?
  3. What did JJ Jasper tell his oldest daughter to do when he told her about Cooper’s death?
  4. What are the words Thomas A. Dorsey penned as he played and poured out his heart in prayer?
  5. What did God ask Lucado as he was driving to church to preach?
  6. According to Lucado, what is this planet?
  7. Who does Lucado say, “Has more bounce back than Bozo?”
  8. Where does the definitive answer come from to the question, “Is God good when the outcome is not?”
  9. How does a grateful heart see each day?
  10. Joseph’s Dad, Jacob, made several mistakes when it came to marriage and family life.  What was his first mistake?
  11. What kind of house does revenge build?
  12. When Pharaoh heard of Joseph’s siblings, what did he tell Joseph?
  13. Instead of saying good-bye, what would John Glenn say to his wife Annie?
  14. What are the last words of this chapter?
  15. According to Lucado, what is God’s job?
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