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A New Bible Challenge for 2018!

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For those that have completed the 2017 reading challenge, congratulations! For the new year, Pastor Charles has begun a new Bible reading challenge. Over the course of a year, participants will read the New Testament and Psalms. We hope you’ll decide to join us on this journey!

This year, the format is simpler — there are monthly readings listed on the Bible challenge web page (also linked from the Kingswood home page, under the Learning menu). Additionally, the questions are the same each month. Owing to the simpler format, we will not be using the challenge mailing list this year. There’s no need to sign up…just start reading!

The readings for January are:

  • Matthew
  • Psalms 1–15

We will use the electronic newsletters to post reminders of the upcoming challenge readings, so you won’t miss a thing.

Author: Kingswood UMC Communications

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