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Finding Nemo, well not Nemo, but lost Charter Members.

With our Jubilee Sunday coming on September 9, we are looking for all our lost Charter members.  We know some have passed away, but many are no longer members of Kingswood, and thus do not have their address anymore.  If you know the addresses of any of the following people or their children, please contact Allen Baston.

Bates, John Leroy (Lee)
Bates, John S.
Bates, Mrs. John S. (Mary)
Clevenger, Karen
Clevenger, Mrs. Norman L.
Dickerson, Leroy R. (Roy)
Dickerson, Mrs. Leroy R. (Lola)
Edwards, George P.
Edwards, Mrs. George P. (Betty)
Frady, Marshall
Frady, Mrs. Marshall (Gloria)
Hammons, Detra Ann
Hancock Walter S. (Sam)
Hancock, Mrs. Walter S. (Shirley)
Hartford, Francis C.
Hartford, Mrs. Francis C. (Lenora)
Hartley, R. Dean
Jordan, Kathy
Jordan, Mrs. Ray G. (Marge)
Jordan, Ray G.
Jordan, Tim
Kurtz, John M.
Kurtz, Mrs. John M. (Jeanne)
Kurtz, Stephanie Jeanne
MacFarland, Mike
MacFarland, Mrs. Mike (Elaine)
Maddux, Mrs. Robert B. (Dorothy)
Maddux, Robert B.
Maddux, Rowlanda Kay
McKinney, Jr., Hugh E. (Mickey)
McKinney, Susan
Moore, Douglas Q.
Moore, James H.
Moore, Mrs. Douglas Q. (Rita)
Moore, Mrs. James H. (Kitty)
Naylor, David
Patrick, James R., Jr. (Jim)
Patrick, James Wade
Patrick, Mrs. James R. (Mary)
Pugh, Mrs. Paris H. (Evelyn)
Pugh, Paris H.
Tindol, Mrs. Michael D. (Dakie)
Warner, Mrs. Robert L. (Louise)
Warner, Robert L.
Whatley, Fran
Whatley, John
Whatley, Laura


Author: Allen Baston