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New Sermon Series – beginning April 28

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For many of us, our faith is connected to the very best parts of our lives.  Our faith in Christ has connected us to a community where we love and are loved.  Our faith has provided us a broader family where we can enjoy the best parts of each other.  Our faith has provided us a safe place to raise our families and for all of us to grow in God’s grace.  Yes, our faith has helped provide a place where joy, laughter, smiles and happiness abound.

Then, when we least expect it, from out of the shadows, the warped, the distorted, the twisted, and the darkness of life surprises, shocks and rips our hearts out of our bodies.  We are rocked to the very core of our being, and our faith takes a direct hit.  In other words, our faith collides head-on with the worst that life has to offer. In these moments, we are confronted with UN: the UnThinkable, the UnImaginable, the UnBelievable of life. The UnConditional, UnDeniable and United are sometimes hidden.

For the first three Sundays, April 28, May 5, and May 12, we explore three examples of these types of collisions with interviews with three survivors of their own UN.  Because of the subject matter of these services, Worship Care will be expanded to include children through 5th grade.  Additionally, on these first three Sundays, we will have only one worship service at 11:00.

April 28, our own Dondra Davis discusses the UnThinkable death of her husband George.

May 5, Benji and Lee Anna Hollis discuss the UnImaginable, learning their six-year-old daughter, Anna Charles, had leukemia.  She would pass away five months after her diagnosis in a season with some highs and many unimaginable lows.

May 12, Chris and Ashley Brown discuss the UnBelievable, having their six-week-old daughter, Meredith, diagnosed with biliary atresia which eventually led to a liver transplant before her first birthday.

On the three remaining Sundays, we look at the UnConditional love of God, the UnDeniable aspects of discipleship, and being United with Christ through the Holy Spirit.

Please be in prayer for this series.

Author: Allen Baston