Reading Challenge

A New Bible Challenge for 2018!

For those that have completed the 2017 reading challenge, congratulations! For the new year, Pastor Charles has begun a new Bible reading challenge. Over the course of a year, participants will read the New Testament and Psalms. We hope you’ll decide to join us on this journey! This year, the format is simpler — there…

December Book Assignment: Gospel of Luke

The book assignment for December is The Gospel of Luke, found in the New Testament [Free Olive Tree Bible for iOS or for Android Tablet/Phone includes NIV/ESV editions and supports offline reading; also available online at] Here are the questions for this book: Elizabeth and Zechariah were descendants of whom? Who was the governor of Syria at the time of Jesus’ birth?…

Daily Devotional Questions for November 18 to November 24

On the one hand forgiveness is being saved from hell and made right for heaven, but what else does it mean? Compared with the miracle of forgiveness of sin, sanctification is slight.  Based on this what is sanctification? Should we look on Jesus as a martyr?