Capture the Prize, TOGETHER!


Capture the Prize, TOGETHER! This is Kingswood’s dual-purpose campaign in 2015 — our annual stewardship emphasis to support the ministries and missions of the church, along with a capital campaign to take Kingswood into the next 10 years and beyond. Many Kingswood members have been actively working on and praying for our plans for ministry and facility updates. Click on the sections below to read more.

Letter from Rev. Charles

Take heart! Take charge! Don’t be anxious or get discouraged. God is with you in this; and will not leave you.

— 1 Chronicles 28:20

Throughout the life of Kingswood United Methodist Church, we have accomplished great things by working together. Among our greatest accomplishments include the construction of the Community Life Center and the campaigns which have underwritten it. Kingswood’s consistent, unremitting giving and sound fiscal stewardship have enabled us to maintain and excel in many areas.

As 2014 ended, we reached another major intersection in our faith journey when the Freedom Campaign ended. This campaign moved us to the place where we finally see the finish line on the horizon. We know, however, that in any race the hardest hill to climb is the last one. Just as Heartbreak Hill defines the Boston Marathon, our final hill will define us. Alone, in our own strength, we cannot overcome it. But with each of us working together in the Lord’s strength, and with His guidance, this victory will be the greatest and most fulfilling. This is our goal — to Capture the Prize TOGETHER!

God’s plan, done in God’s time, will not lack God’s resources.

Our race requires particular equipment to effectively train and run. It is imperative that we properly equip ourselves if we are to persevere and capture the prize to God’s glory.


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Rev. Charles Broome
Senior Pastor


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