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Daily Devotional Questions for April 8 to April 14

If our Lord’s cross is the gateway into His life, what does the resurreciton mean? What is the proof that we have been through the crucifixion with Jesus? What does the Lord do to those He loves?

Daily Devotional Questions for April 1 to April 7

When Paul received his sight, what else did he receive? According to Chambers, when Jesus entered Jerusalem in triumph, there was a strange god there. What was this god? What do Gethsemane and Calvary uniquely stand for?

April Book Assignment: The Gospel of Mark

The book assignment for April is The Gospel of Mark, found in the New Testament [Free Olive Tree Bible for iOS or for Android Tablet/Phone includes NIV/ESV editions and supports offline reading; also available online at] Here are the questions for this book. Questions by chapter: Where did Jesus Come from and where was he baptized? What occupation did Levi have?…

Daily Devotional Questions for March 18 to March 24

Complete this sentence: “Faith never knows where it is being led, but it loves and knows …” According to Chambers, for Christians, where does much of our distress come? According to Paul why do we need to live by the Spirit?