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December Book Assignment: Gospel of Luke

The book assignment for December is The Gospel of Luke, found in the New Testament [Free Olive Tree Bible for iOS or for Android Tablet/Phone includes NIV/ESV editions and supports offline reading; also available online at] Here are the questions for this book: Elizabeth and Zechariah were descendants of whom? Who was the governor of Syria at the time of Jesus’ birth?…

Daily Devotional Questions for November 18 to November 24

On the one hand forgiveness is being saved from hell and made right for heaven, but what else does it mean? Compared with the miracle of forgiveness of sin, sanctification is slight.  Based on this what is sanctification? Should we look on Jesus as a martyr?

Daily Devotional Questions for November 11 to November 17

Why should we guard against self-chosen service to God? If most of us live consciously serving and being consciously devoted to God, which is an immature stage? What marks the mature stage? What is the theme verse for November 16th?

Daily Devotional Questions for November 4 to November 10

Why is it essential to give people a chance of acting on the truth of God? If God is going to use you, why does he take you through a multitude of experiences? What do we need to learn concerning the aim in life, who does it really belong?