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October Book Assignment: Skeleton in God’s Closet

The book assignment for October is A Skeleton in God’s Closet, by Paul L. Maier [Kindle Edition available for $7.99] Here are the questions for this book: What is Jonathon Weber’s major work? Who were the two people Jonathon met with at the Vatican? Who met Jon at the Ben Gurion Airport and what kind of…

Daily Devotional Questions for September 23 to September 29

If the Sermon on the Mount is not an ideal, then what is it? What is the first thing you should  do when you come to the altar, and  remember that your brother has someththing against you? What is the theme verse for September 27th?

September Book Assignment: Tracks of a Fellow Struggler

The book assignment for September is Tracks of a Fellow Struggler, by John R. Claypool [Kindle Edition available for $9.99] Here are the questions for this book: According to Claypool, the killing of Jesus had many motives but only one purpose. What was that purpose? Claypool quotes C. S. Lewis. What did Lewis realize he had…