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Daily Devotional Questions for May 27 to June 2

When is “that day”? What is the meaning of “In that day you will ask in my name?” How could our Lord trust no man, yet never be suspicious, never bitter, never in despair about any man?

Daily Devotional Questions for May 20 to May 26

What nearly always has its seat in the physical condition, not in the moral? What chapter of the book of John should we read if you are going through a solitary way? What is the theme verse for May 26?

Daily Devotional Questions for May 13 to May 19

For what are you saved? According to Chambers, “His cross is the door by which every member of the human race can enter into the life of God; by His resurrection He has the right to give eternal life to any man.” What does His ascension do for us? True or False: “God does keep a…

Daily Devotional Questions for May 6 to May 12

What is the difference between an “ideal” and a “vision”? What are two things that God will not give us and what will God not make us do? What is the right thing to do with habits?

Daily Devotional Questions for April 29 to May 5

If certainty is the mark of the common-sense life, what is the mark of the spiritual life? According to Chambers, what is the sure sign that we do not love God? What is the thing that intercession leaves you neither time nor inclination to pray for?