Pathseekers Class


Adults of all ages


CLC, Room 209


Scriptural discussion-based


Melissa Dillon, Jennifer Mayer

The Pathseekers is a multi-generational, non-traditional, discussion-based Sunday School class. Our members are genuinely committed to working out their salvation by focusing on scripture, theology and doctrine as it informs our individual daily walk with Christ and our church life. The resulting discussions are fearless, and are as often warm and humorous as they are serious. Recently, we took an in-depth look at Jesus’ final teachings and prayer for his disciples during the evening of the Last Supper from the Gospel of John, considering how Jesus’ instructions and prayers applied not only to his original chosen disciples but to us and the extent to which the gospel writer may have embellished Jesus’ exact words to include comfort and theology for the early Christians. Our format varies from having a primary facilitator for a particular theme to alternating leadership discussion within a given study, but each week promises a lively, and at times irreverent, look into God’s word and the world from different perspectives — historical, expository, theological, experiential, etc. Anyone, of any age group, interested in an unabashed sharing of ideas or delving into what it means to be Christian in today’s world is welcome to join us for one Sunday or for many. We meet in Room 209 of Kingswood’s Community Life Center from 10:00 – 10:45 each Sunday morning.