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Bible Gateway Emails

Bible Gateway reported that they have fixed the problem with their web site this week that prevented some people from receiving daily reminder emails.

Questions for January 17 to January 23

Name the sons of Joseph that became Jacob’s. What is the name of Moses’s wife? Name the ten plagues. Why is Marah called by that name? What was the bread from heaven called? What did it taste like?

Questions for January 10 to January 16

What are the names of Job’s friends? Who is Elihu? When the Lord began to speak to Job, from where did he speak? What were the first two questions that God asked Job? What did God tell Eliphaz and his two friends? Who is Melchizedek and where is he from?

Fireworks, photo by Thomas Hawk, used under license.

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Read the Bible!

Make a resolution to grow in your knowledge of Scripture in 2016! Pastor Broome challenges you to read through the Bible in 2016, answering his questions each week. At the end of 2016, one person in each of three age groups will win a prize. Read on for details and to sign up!

Welcome to the Bible Reading Challenge!

Thank you for signing up for the KUMC Bible Challenge! By joining with other members of the congregation, you’ve already taken a significant step toward strengthening your faith in 2016. At the end of 2016, one person in each of three age groups who has answered the most questions correctly will win $100. To be eligible to…