Small Groups

Through small groups, we encourage one another to adopt a lifestyle of Christian discipleship, following in the way of Jesus. The support of faithful friends helps us be accountable for our faith, study, and service — and ultimately draw nearer to God and each other.

Kingswood hosts numerous small groups, and is actively encouraging members to form new group connections. New groups can meet in homes or convenient locations — workplaces, coffee houses, or restaurants — during the week to discuss topics of faith and encourage one another. There is no “set formula” for small groups. They could be Bible or book studies, be discussion-centric or use study guides and guided questions.

Your First Steps

Reach out to others and discuss your interest. Existing Sunday School classes are great ways to find individuals who want to go deeper in their faith and accountability to regular study.

Our “simple suppers” are also a great way to share fellowship — and enjoy great food. Periodically during the year, the church forms new supper groups that rotate dinner every 4-6 weeks through members’ homes. If you’re a part of a supper group, reach out and talk about whether a small group or study might be a good next step; or, form your own group for dinner — and ask them to stay for discussion!

• Who are we as God’s people?
• What does it mean to be a Christian in our community, in the United Methodist Church, and in America?
• Who is our neighbor?
• What is God calling our congregation to do?
• How can we be more in relationship with the community?

— “A Fresh Look at Small Groups,” United Methodist Reporter, January 17, 2013

The church has a number of resources available for study groups, like a subscription to RightNow Media, which has streaming video resources for learning and Biblical growth and is available without charge to all church members. Other materials are available in the church library for check out at any time.

Are you interested in forming a small group?

Contact us for more information — we’ll be happy to provide you with resources and help put you in touch with others who might share your interest.