Prayer Ministry

The image pictures a man's face as he is folding his hands and praying.

Prayer is the first of the five primary ways that we pledge to support each other in our faith as members of the church. Kingswood has a strong prayer ministry, with a number of people dedicated to pray for people and circumstances passed on to us by the members of our church family and their extended families, as well as the world beyond our walls. If you are interested in joining our prayer team, contact coordinator Gary Fuller using the form below. Or, subscribe to our prayer list, which is sent out weekly.

Do you need prayer?

Please let the ministers and our prayer team know how we can pray for you and your family:

  • Use the communications card during Sunday worship, which has a space for sharing prayer requests
  • Contact a member of the prayer ministry team
  • Use the form below
  • For completely confidential requests, contact Pastor Charles Broome directly

Please also help us by remembering to celebrate God’s answers to our prayers with praises and helping us remove those names who may no longer need to be on the prayer list.

Are you interested in joining our team of prayer warriors?

There are three ways you can join in praying for Kingswood and its members:

  • Pray faithfully over the requests listed in the weekly prayer emails. Not receiving our e-newsletters? Sign up at the form below.
  • Contact Gary Fuller to find out how you can join the prayer ministry team.
  • Sign up for our worship prayer team to pray any Sunday before worship. Go to, then look for the Worship Prayer Team sign-up.